Flawda Boy and I make beats
Q: is there a download link for birds and is that the weeknd i here in the sample if so what song (is it birds?)

Ya its on Thrown Love pt 2, download here.


asked by Anonymous
Q: Got damn Birds goes so hard oh my goddddddd


asked by galasai
Q: Ayyyy that easter sunday preview already sounds 🔥🔥🔥

Oh ya lessgetit

asked by lordbbyjesus
Q: damn flex you ruthless bruh

1000 foo

asked by swtnss

finna drop a beat on soundcloud

Who in my inbox playin

Q: flex can we please see u in a crop top

U can see these hands

asked by Anonymous
Q: Damn flex you did it again.


asked by hyoxe
Q: My nigga flex stay wit da phonks.

1000, s/o dat boy marksavage 1 time

asked by maarksavage