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Q: I like u

What dat mean

asked by Anonymous

Who tryna hear sumn sumn.


Summer Nights Pt. 2 - Uncle Flex

This the time of nite u listen 2 dis tape and think bout dat 1 shawty who be playin games wit ya.

Q: can you put "clouds" on soundcloud so I can add it to one of my play lists please? 😀

Nawl. Download it wit xkit on here. Upload it to ur soundcloud.

asked by Anonymous
Q: Who ur team flex?


asked by Anonymous
Q: you know that lotus blossom song u did? well they already kinda made a beat off that were you tryna make one of your own also?


asked by r493d
Q: What track do you sample lil Corey on?

Thrown love 1

asked by buddhaquest
Q: who's shawty that say "damn flex you did it again" lol

The homie.

asked by Anonymous